2017-18 NBA MVP Odds

At last, the day has finally arrived! And on a Sunday night, no less. NBA MVP odds are up, with Paddy Power the first book to post them. Last year, MVP odds were up in early July, but one would imagine that all of the Kyrie Irving hubbub has delayed the process this year.

Last season, it was a two man race for most of the year as Russell Westbrook and James Harden both put up ridiculous numbers. Westbrook opened at +300, second on the preseason list behind the reigning winner Steph Curry (+250).

Year Player Team Odds
2016-17 Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder +300
2015-16 Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors +650
2014-15 Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors +4000
2013-14 Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder +300
2012-13 LeBron James Miami Heat +160
2011-12 LeBron James Miami Heat +250
2010-11 Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls +2500
2009-10 LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers +275
2008-09 LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers +250
2007-08 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers +500
2006-07 Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks +700

Historical odds via Sportsoddshistory.com

As you may have expected, the winners don’t often come from out of nowhere. Curry’s first MVP was the biggest longshot at 40/1, with new Cavalier and former owner of two functioning knees, Derrick Rose, the only other winner with longer than 7/1 odds.

Other offshore books are sure to follow up with their own odds and it will be interesting to see if they agree with Paddy Power’s openers.

Player 8/13 (Paddy Power)
Kevin Durant +350
Russell Westbrook +350
Kawhi Leonard +550
James Harden +700
LeBron James +750
Giannis Antetokounmpo +750
Steph Curry +1100
Anthony Davis +1600
Isaiah Thomas +2000
Paul George +2000
Blake Griffin +3000
John Wall +3000
Karl-Anthony Towns +3000
DeMarcus Cousins +3000
Chris Paul +3300
Nikola Jokic +3300
Damian Lillard +4500
Demar Derozan +5000
Joel Embiid +5000
Carmelo Anthony +6000
Gordon Hayward +6600
Jimmy Butler +9000
Kyle Lowry +9000
Mike Conley +15000
Dirk Nowitzki +50000

Westbrook, along with ex-teammate and current arch-nemesis Kevin Durant, are the co-favorites at +350. Although Paul George will help the Thunder’s chances at a title (not really, though), he most definitely hurts Westbrook’s chances at an MVP. Don’t expect to see another 30-10-10 stat line this year. I would imagine Russ’s odds would have been somewhere around +200 if George hadn’t been dealt, but I guess we will never know.

I’m a little surprised that Durant has the same odds as Westbrook given the star caliber of his teammates. Last year, he didn’t even crack the top five in voting. The Warriors are great regardless of whether Durant is on the roster or not so it’s difficult to call him the “most valuable” player. Unless they can put together another record-breaking type year and win 70+ games again, Durant will have a hard time winning this award.

Like Westbrook, James Harden’s odds likely took a hit due to the Rockets’ addition of Chris Paul. Harden was a stat-machine last year, posting 29-11-8 averages. With Paul at the point now, it’s very unlikely that Harden will be able to come close to those numbers. There aren’t many stat-crazy superstars left in this league that aren’t paired with another star player so it is tough to rule Harden out, but splitting reps with CP3 certainly hurts his chances.

Although I don’t love the fella, I must admit that King James is a bit low on this list. To be honest, I think that if Irving is indeed traded, it could help James’s chances of winning the award for the first time since 2012-13. While the Cavs’ shot at winning a title will certainly be hurt, LeBron would likely run the show even more than he had been the previous two seasons. I can see plenty of folks jumping at a chance to take him at +750 and wouldn’t be surprised if these odds are in the 5/1 region before the season begins.

Who do you like? Will this year have a rare longshot winner or will one of the favorites get the job done? Let us know in the comment section below

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