2017 Fantasy Football Projections | Auction Values: Post Preseason Week 1

Want the secret to my rankings
accuracy? I rank according to my Fantasy Football projections. It’s
the same method I use in Fantasy Baseball because it helps remove
biases. Your initial thought on players might have you saying, “I
like Joe Receiver more than Frank Wideout.” But when you break down
the rankings by projections, you might find that you were over or
undervaluing players. You might not agree with all of them – heck,
I guarantee it – but you can see behind the curtain a bit and then
adjust where you feel needed.

And yes, before you @ me… creating projections involves formulas
for team usage, snap count, targets, etc., etc. That’s going to
result in decimal places. While some might think that’s lame
because you can’t score a third of a touchdown, it also lets you
see the effect of someone formulating to 8.4 touchdowns or 7.6
touchdowns, which would normally both round off to 8.0. That alone
is a significant difference. The same goes for the players’ auction
values. This is actually quite valuable too, just as with the
touchdowns, you can see that you would get nearly a half dollar
savings by spending $8 on the $8.4 player versus overpaying on the
$7.6 one. Do that with a couple of picks, and you can save a few
bucks, which can make a big difference for your team.

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