2017-18 Premier League Week 2 Betting Preview

The opening weekend of the 2017-18 Premier League season did not disappoint as Arsenal came back to beat Leicester City 4-3 in the final 10 minutes in the very first match of the year, while Burnley upset Chelsea 3-2 and Watford tied Liverpool 3-3.

Week 1 Results:
Home: 4 of 10 (-3.74 units)
Away: 4 of 10 (+10.76 units)
Draw: 2 of 10 (-1.40 units)

Overs: 5 of 10
Unders: 5 of 10

Week 1 Biggest Moneyline Payout:
Burnley (opened +1450, closed +1125) at Chelsea

Burnley’s victory at Chelsea is the second-biggest upset since the beginning of last season based on the closing moneyline (Swansea closed +1200 at Liverpool in Week 23 of 2016-17).

The biggest matchup of Week 2 is Tottenham/Chelsea, but keep in mind that Tottenham are playing their home games at Wembley this season while their new stadium is being constructed. Chelsea will be looking to bounce back after an embarrassing loss to Burnley in the opener, and another loss could put them 6 points behind the top teams after just two matches. Tottenham opened +104 and have drifted to +108. Chelsea opened +294 and have ticked down to +289. There’s also been some small movement on the draw, which opened +262 and is now +254. Less than 10% of tickets has come in on the draw, so there’s some sharp money there. I’d lean to the draw but I think Tottenham are catching Chelsea at a good time, so I’m laying off.

A draw I do like is between West Brom and Burnley at +219 odds. Public bettors are loving Burnley this week based on their big road win last week, but the reality is that they were a bit lucky to get all 3 points against Chelsea. West Brom got a mundane 1-0 home win against Bournemouth last week, and they’re still the superior team to Burnley. With an O/U listed at just 2 goals, this should be a tight affair.

Another play I like as a moneyline parlay of Liverpool/Southampton at +144 odds. Southampton were really unlucky to only get a point at home last week, while Liverpool simply fell flat on their face against Watford in their 3-3 draw. Southampton’s opponent this week, West Ham, are getting over 80% of tickets as big +420 underdogs, so this is a great spot to fade the trendy dog. I think both Southampton and Liverpool get back on track this weekend and take all 3 points.

Most Lopsided: 86% on West Ham United (+420) at Southampton

Biggest Moneyline Moves: Crystal Palace (+923 to +761), Man City (-245 to -315)

Value Plays (0-1, -1 unit): West Brom/Burnley Draw +219, Southampton & Liverpool parlay +144

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All sportsbooks are not the same.

All Sportsbooks Are Not the Same.

All sportsbooks are not the same.
All sportsbooks are not the same. Where you place your bets can be just as important as who you bet on. There are a number of ways to analyze a sportsbook and although it may come as a surprise to some readers, bonuses are actually the least important factor to consider when choosing an online sportsbook. They come with huge strings attached and offer little true value (for instance having to roll your money over 5 times before being able to make a withdrawal). The most important factor to consider when evaluating a sportsbook is the type of bettor to whom the sportsbook caters. This answer will affect your bottom line more than anything else.

The following article examines the various types of sportsbooks and the sports bettors they cater towards. It was developed to help sports bettors find the correct internet sportsbook for their betting style. We have broken down the sportsbooks into three major categories: Loose Lines, Sharp Lines and Reduced Juice (RJ) Lines.

Why does it matter?
Every bettor has a different style and philosophy, and only by utilizing multiple sportsbooks can you ensure that you consistently find the best line. For example, an uninformed (or square) bettor is more prone to bet on the favorite regardless of the point spread. At some sportsbooks, this will force bookmakers to adjust their lines to encourage action on the other side. While this can deter some bettors from betting the favorite, it creates an excellent opportunity to bet the underdog at an artificially inflated price.

This opportunity is great for bettors who want to take the underdog, but what if you think there is value on the favorite? Sharper sportsbooks will not adjust their lines based on square bettors, and do not change their lines lightly. For that reason, typically sharp sportsbooks offer the best favorite lines.

The third type of sportsbook is known as reduced juice because they do not utilize the traditional dimeline (i.e. -110). This is great for everyday bettors as you can win at a lower rate and still turn a profit. Some books will actually give bettors the option between deposit bonuses or reduced juice and many are tempted by what they see as free money. The truth is that most beginning bettors will take the deposit bonus, but will see their account balance hit zero before they actually qualify for their bonus. Additionally, this bonus is a one-time payment, whereas bettors who select reduced juice will continue reaping the benefits for years to come. For patient players who are getting into sports betting for the long haul, a reduced juice sportsbook is ideal for everyday betting.

Sportsbook Categories
1. Loose Lines – Sportsbooks that are considered loose will deviate from the ‘real’ line. In some cases this is because they’re taking heavy favorite action and will shade their lines accordingly. However it could also be they just don’t follow the crowd.

2. Reduced Juice – A sportsbook that offers reduced juice; that is something other than the standard -110 juice on sports.

3. Sharp Lines – A sharp sportsbook deals its own line and caters to sharp players. They will not move on air, they don’t follow the crowd and they take huge bets.

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