The King’s Guide to Round One of Your Fantasy Football draft

It’s the moment that gets the most focus, and causes the most
anxiety and anticipation in most Fantasy Football drafts. We’re
talking about that first round pick, the cornerstone and anchor of
your yearly squad. From the moment an owner finds out where he is
slotted in the draft order, he or she will likely obsess about it
in many cases, and play out so many scenarios in their head to try
and conjure up who they might end up with. That’s probably more
true the deeper you get into the round, as having one of the top
two choices seems pretty easy this season. The longer the period
between when the Fantasy Football draft order is announced, the
more time you have to internally speculate on what you may do with
the first rounder. So it seems actually more painless to draw a
random order right before the draft.

Well, you may never fully stop going over the scenarios in your
head until the moment you are actually on the clock. Until then, I
try to help you through the process of deciding what to do when the
moment actually comes. The advised selections at each spot here
lean to PPR formats.

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